50 positive qualities to help you live an outstanding life

Here is a list of 50 positive qualities that will allow you the ability to live an outstanding life. A life that is filled with energy, adventure and fun!

Don't underestimate the power of these positive qualities. They do have the potential to change your life for the better. And a better life is worth seeking.

Even if your life is great now, you can always make it more rich, rewarding and exciting. So if you currently do not possess all of these positive quality don't fret. You hold the power to add these qualities to your life instantly.

This list only has the top 50 qualities that I believe are important for building high self esteem, more self love and a deeper respect for yourself.

Please feel free to add or subtract from this list to fit your own personal style.

Because as long as you possess the quality of open mindedness you'll be able to add or subtract from this list and live a very happy and rewarding life.

50 Positive Qualities

1. A beautiful smile!

2. A thoughtful mind.

3. The use of good manners.

4. The ability to receive a compliment.

5. The ability to give a compliment.

6. Self respect.

7. Self discipline.

8. Being trustworthy to yourself and others.

9. Non-judgmental of yourself and others.

10. Open minded.

11. Calmness when faced with adversity.

12. Understanding of yourself and others.

13. Polite even when others are not.

14. Flexible when things have changed.

15. Optimistic when surrounded by pessimism.

16. Kind to people who don't deserve it.

17. Accepting of yourself and others.

18. Feeling lovable no matter what.

19. Resourceful during a time of need.

20. Awareness of your surroundings.

21. Mindful of your own needs.

22. Enthusiastic when times are hard.

23. Responsibility for yourself at all times.

24. Comfortable in your own skin.

25. Confident in who you are.

26. Ambition to be your best self.

27. Motivation to live your best life.

28. Courageous in the face of difficulty.

29. Boldness when faced with a new challenge.

30. Compassionate for yourself and others.

31. Dependable.

32. Healthy inside - fit on the outside.

33. Gentle with yourself and others.

34. Satisfied with your choices in life.

35. Self controlled when faced with controversy.

36. Maturity when dealing with childish situations.

37. The ability to relax and have a little fun.

38. Assertive when confronted with pushy people.

39. The ability to be a great friend.

40. Hopeful when faced with at hopeless situation.

41. Beautiful on the inside.

42. Participate in personal growth.

43. Reliable.

44. The ability to be teachable.

45. The desire to learn.

46. Financial intelligence.

47. Realistic.

48. Determination to fix things you don't like.

49. Generosity to yourself and others.

50. Creative.

This list is for your benefit only. Use it to create a life of substance. Because a life of substance is a life fully lived.

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