Clear your mind worksheet
A clear mind is a happy mind

This clear your mind worksheet will help you get rid of the old negative thought patterns so that you can make room for the new positive thought patterns that you’re going to create. It’s hard to create new thoughts when you’re already so full of negative ones.

So we need to clear your mind first and then give it fresh new ideas to think about or ponder on, which the mind loves to do anyways.

First of all you need to get a journal. This journal can be used to write down your continuous thoughts. No, not every thought that would be impossible but the thoughts that think most often.

I want you to make a conscious effort to capture your repetitive thoughts. The ones that you think every day, all day, over and over again.

These are the ones we want to get rid of. So that your not reacting to them anymore that way they don’t have any power over you.

Once you identify these repetitive thoughts you'll begin to understand yourself a whole lot better.

Next you’ll need about 5 new thoughts to consciously think about every day. You can call them affirmations but I don’t want you to look outside yourself for them.

I want you to personally come up with 5 positive thoughts to think every time you catch yourself thinking one of the old thoughts.

Finally, in order for this clear your mind worksheet to be effective you’ll need to keep working at it at least once a day until you know it by heart and can do it on command.

So here it is again –

Get a journal and capture your repetitive thoughts. Capture all the thoughts that create anger and frustration in your life. These thoughts are not serving you in a positive way at all so get rid of them.

Create at least 5 new thoughts or affirmations to think or say every time you catch yourself thinking your old thoughts. These new thoughts will keep the mind busy because you can only think one thought at a time either negative or positive.

Use this clear your mind worksheet every day until you know the steps by heart and can do it automatically. Performing these steps regularly will create a new foundation for you to build upon.

You have the self power and the self control to think what you choose. You decide how and what you’re going to think. But if you leave it up to your mind alone you’ll be reacting to life instead of responding to life.

Once you become aware of your thoughts you’ll also become aware of the people, places and things around you that are either adding to your happiness or subtracting from it.

With that information, you can either choose to go through life totally oblivious to your surrounds or you can choose to create your surrounds with a more clear and precise purpose.

I know its hard work in the beginning because you're going to loose yourself in your thoughts and forget to record them but it’s worth all the effort you put into it.

You only have one life to truly live and experience so you might as well make the most of it. You might as well do what it takes to live an outstanding life because the alternative is unpleasant.

Use this clear your mind worksheet so that you can enjoy your daily life instead of just performing the routine motions.

Because life has a funny way (or not so funny way) of becoming so routine and automatic that years will go by so fast that you’ll wonder where the time went.

When your mind is so full of continuous and repetitive thoughts it puts you in a trance like state of consciousness. Like a robot following all it's masters orders.

The way to break that cycle is to clear your mind and start feeding it with new and different thoughts, images and ideas. Feed it with daily motivation.

This clear your mind worksheet can help you make an internal shift. Use if faithfully enough to know it by heart so that you can notice an old negative thought the second it comes up, then consciously replace it with a new thought or idea.

Your life is worth all the time and effort you put in to nourishing it. It will begin to manifest all your new thoughts and ideas quicker and easier the more time you spend feeding it with positive thoughts and images.

Your worth it, right? I sincerely hope that you answered yes to that question.

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