How to have a relationship with yourself

How to have a relationship with yourself first and everyone else second.

In order to have a relationship with another person, one that is deep and meaningful, you must first build a deep meaningful relationship with yourself. One that is nourishing, fulfilling and rewarding.

So first of all I want you to take a look around and really examine your current relationships. Are they nourishing? Do they make you feel inspired and motivated? Are they beneficial to your health? Do they create joy and excitement in your life?

If not then you need to look at the relationship you have with yourself. That’s right, it all starts with you. Do you treat yourself with courtesy and respect? Do you take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually? If not, then the people you attract into your life will mirror who you are.

But we're not going to focus on building relationships with others until you have one with yourself.

How to have a relationship with yourself –

- First you must talk to yourself with respect and kindness. Don’t put yourself down silently or out loud. If you make a mistake or do something you regret, just laugh it off and commit to doing the opposite next time. Or at least commit to doing better the next time.

If you keep going over and over what you did instead of what you should have done or wish you had done, you’re going to feel crappy about yourself. Let it go and decide to do better next time. End of story.

- Then you absolutely must treat yourself with respect and courtesy. That includes eating healthy, exercising, surrounding yourself with nourishing people and doing activities that help in releasing stress. You don’t want stress and anxiety to build up because when you do finally release it it could get real ugly.

Trust me, if you openly show others that you love yourself enough to take care yourself then you will get the same kind of respect in return.

- And finally, you can build an intimate relationship with yourself by keeping a journal. This will help you release anger, frustration and anxiety. If you keep all those negative emotions balled up inside of you, you’re going to explode.

I want you to record your positive feelings in your journal as well. That will help you recognize the things in your life that create happiness and the things in your life that cause you stress. This personal information will guide you in a personally fulfilling direction.

Having a relationship with yourself will not only make you feel better about yourself but it will also help you attract more positive people into your life.

But honestly, you are the only person who can decide to create a better relationship with yourself. If you know that you’re not doing right by yourself then others won’t be inclined to treat you any different then you treat yourself.

If you want to build a better relationship with yourself, then start by treating yourself with compassion, love, respect, courtesy, kindness and acceptance and others will follow suit or they will disappear from your life.


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