Plastic surgery and self esteem is like comparing apples to oranges

Plastic surgery and self esteem are not even closely related. Getting plastic surgery is not going to fill that emptiness you feel inside. It will never fix how you see yourself. And how you see yourself is more important than how anyone else sees you.

If you’re not completely happy and comfortable with who you are on the inside then no one else will be either.

Because you show people how you want to be treated by the way you treat yourself.

Plastic surgery is never a permanent fix. It’s a quick surface fix for a deeply held belief.

So deep that it will never reach that place inside of you that is crying out for attention.

If you want to feel good about yourself indefinitely then you must work from the inside out.

You are the only one who can go there. You are the only one who truly knows in your heart what really needs to be fixed for you to feel good about yourself forever.

There’s this book by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, it’s called Psycho-Cybernetics. You’re probably things what does that have to do with plastic surgery and self esteem, right?

Well let me explain. Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who discovered that most of his patients were suffering from low self esteem, and internal scar he could never fix with the knife.

He said that 99% of his patients were physically beautiful on the outside. That most of their perceived ugliness was internal. And he soon found out that with plastic surgery he could never fix it.

So he created this self help book and later this zero resistance program to help the 99% of people who came to him hoping that plastic surgery would make them feel better about themselves.

Dr. Maltz clearly points out that plastic surgery and self esteem are two totally different issues. The two are not connected at all.

No amount of physical appearance work will make you feel good about yourself indefinitely. Today you’ll want your nose fixed, tomorrow it’ll be your lips, next week it may be your check bones.

It never ends when you’re working from the outside in.

So my personal suggestion to you before you ever go under the knife is to work on your internal scars first. Then and only then if you still want to go through with the plastic surgery – make the appointment.

Here are some tips to help you build your self esteem –

Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Start with like and move on to love.

If you’re considering plastic surgery right now than love may be too strong of a word to start with. But you are the judge of that.

Next make a list of all your past successes. Yes, you do have some. It could be anything from landing a job to completing high school. Just make a list and add to it when you remember something you successed at.

Surround yourself with nourishing people. If your current relationships do not fit this description find people who do, they will teach you how to love yourself.

If you continue to hang around people who put you and themselves down you’ll be caught up in the same negativity whether you want to be or not.

I sincerely hope that you at least consider the advice in this article before you get plastic surgery in hopes of it making you feel better about yourself, feel more whole and complete or more alive and capable to do things you currently don’t have the courage to do.

Maybe it will help these areas of your life in the short term but if you don’t change the underlying self esteem issues then you’re still the same person on the inside and that is where your self esteem comes from.

Your true beauty is on the inside and that is what needs to be worked on.

I would also suggest that you pick up a copy of Dr. Maltz’ book and self help program so you can read for yourself the point of view from a plastic surgeon himself. And why he decided to write this book to help many more people than he ever did with surgery.

Dr. Matlz wrote this material many years ago but the truth is and always will be that plastic surgery and self esteem are not on in the same.

You must fix that inner self image of yourself before you can accept the person you see in the mirror, before or after surgery.

Plastic surgery and self esteem is like comparing apples to oranges.

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