Reflective journaling is good
 for your mind, body and soul

Self reflective journaling is beneficial for you because it will really help you get to know yourself inside and out.

And when I say really, I mean that deep inner self that is sitting there patiently waiting for you to acknowledge it.

That is where you’ll find peace, happiness and stillness. When your life gets so busy that you turn into a robot, you forget that there is so much more to life than your daily routine.

Reflective journaling will help you slow down and take a deep breath, look inside and see if there are any areas of your life that you need to focus on more.

Areas like – spirituality, state of mind, deep emotions, frustrations, repetitive thoughts and physical awareness.

Sometimes life gets so routine that you don’t even notice yourself gaining 10 pounds until your cloths don’t fit anymore.

Or you stop one day and notice that your mind and body feel tired and you haven’t even done anything physical in so long you can't even remember the last time you did. 

When you don’t take the time to nurture and care for yourself things start to accumulate and you find yourself fatigued when you’re fresh out of bed.

Self reflective journaling will help you put a stop to all the chaos in your life by learning to slow down and live moment by moment.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself about your life –

  1. When was the last time I felt completely relaxed and refreshed?
  2. When was the last time I spent 10 minutes alone in silence?
  3. Do I get caught up in the moment or do I live in the moment?
  4. Do I allow little frustrations to pile up and then explode all at once?
  5. Do I do any kind of negative releasing activities that are healthy?
  6. How many times this past week have I felt frustrated or discouraged?
  7. Do I take my anger and frustration out on the people I love?
  8. When was the last time I took a mental break to recharge?
  9. Do I allow myself the space to just be me?
  10. Have I ever asked myself how I can add more me time to my daily life?

These questions should help you better understand the priorities you set in your life. Are they me focused? Or are they everyone else focused? Not me, in a self-absorbed way but in a self-nurturing way.

Everyone needs time to their self to unwind and recharge mental, physically and emotionally, and spiritually. No one can go and go and go and not get burned out and agitated.

You're not a robot, you're a spiritual being having a human experience.

Taking the time to slow down and notice what’s working in your life and what isn’t is a great way to empower yourself and make personal life changes.

Reflective journaling is a great way to harness your inner power. A way to release balled up emotions and open up energy blocks in your life.

Self reflection will help you discover things about yourself that will give you more freedom to be who you truly are.

You may not even know what your likes or dislikes are. What your strengths and weaknesses are. But if you take the time to look within, you'll find the answers there.

Who you want to ultimately become in this world or what you want to experience before your 80th birthday is all right there waiting for you to discover it.

If you don’t take the time to really get to know yourself then you're putting your life in someone else hands. You’re reacting to life instead of responding.

If you allow others to direct your life you have no idea what your life is going to be about. You give your personal power away to everything and everyone around you who demands a piece of your time.

Do yourself a personal favor and get to know who you truly are and what you’re destined to do. Reflective journaling is a seemingly small activity that will deliver huge results in your life.

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