These self esteem programs will
help you develop your best self ever

I know for a fact that these self esteem programs have helped me on my personal development journey becasue it's been long and hard but I made it through it. 

I've made it through lots of ups and downs and I give most of the credit to these programs.

I've used a number of programs to help me discovery my strengths and my weaknesses. I've personally used programs to build a better relationship with myself, to find my true calling, and to learn how to love and accept myself completely.

These self esteem programs have made a enormous difference in my life and that's putting it mildly. 

They've played a significant role in altering my self image, my personal worth and my overall personal development goals.

The best part, you can buy most of the self help tapes that I used myself right from for cheap.

I believe the reason why they are such a big help is because they are developed by self help masters. People who have been through the process we are all going through.

I personally only use programs created by authors who have been there, done that. I learned a lot from Tony Robbins (who hasn't right?), Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and many others.

So I do highly recommend all of these speakers and authors and the material they create. I will be putting on here all the self esteem programs I have used and currently use.

They will help you gain an understanding of who you are, what your capable of and how to go about getting everything you want in your life.

These programs are designed to help you create the life of your dreams. When you build your self esteem you ultimately design your life. You design a life plan. A plan that will move you forward in the right direction.

Once you are on the self discovery path you will gain esteem, confidence, clarity and determination.

When you go through one of these self esteem programs it creates a solid foundation for you to build on. A foundation that leads to self discovery and self fulfillment.

Here are my all time favorite self esteem programs and where you can get a copy for yourself.

I would highly recommend that you build a personal development library. Building a library will reward you many times over.

So without further ado...

How to Build High Self-Esteem: A Practical Process for Your Personal Growth by jack Canfield is a very powerful program to help you build your self esteem.

This program is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced. I've personal listed to this cassette program many, many times over the years and I learn something new each time.

Grab yourself a copy. I promise it'll be the best $4 you've spent in a long time. Guaranteed!

The Psychology of Achievement - Develop the Top Achiever's Mindset (Workbook and 6 Audio Cassettes) by Brian Tracy is the very first personal development program I ever listened to. And it opened my eyes, my mind and my heart to my own strengths and what I was capable of achieving.

I can't say enough about this program. It changed my life. It turned my attitude and my beliefs upside down. I truly believe I am where I am at today because of this program!

Get the Edge: A 7-Day Program To Transform Your Life by Tony Robbins is a program that doesn't just pump you up and leave you hanging. It guides you through an action step after every tape. This will help you get your momentum started.

Tony includes a personal journal that is a perfect add-on to this program. It's specifically designed to help you do your required assignment after each tape. It includes additional information and help that leads you step-by-step through your assignment.

This self esteem program is a MUST have for anyone serious about transforming their life!

Anthony Robbins Personal Power: A 30 Day Program (24 Audio Cassettes) by Tony Robbins is a complete personal development program. It's for a full 30 days!

This program (if you stick to it for 30 days) can and will change your life. Really, what's 30 days of your life, if the results last a life time?

Besides once you complete this program you will have gained a whole new self discipline that will be hard to break.

The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn will teach you how to do ordinary things exceptionally well. Jim is one of the best self development teachers of all time.

His material is based on common sense and real life experiences. And the way he speaks is so conversational and uplifting, that it's almost impossible not to do what he says.

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite people to learn from. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. He will help you build a solid life foundation to grow on.

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