What is low self esteem?

What is low self esteem? According to Webster's Dictionary, self esteem is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

Now that might work for a simple definition, if that's what your looking for but it’s not what were going to be talking about. Because having low self esteem is totally life consuming for the person suffering.

If you don't know what your level of self esteem is just yet, pay close attention because your level of self esteem will come out when you least expect it. You may not even know your true level until something happens to you and you're forced to deal with it by yourself.

Let’s say your feeling good and life’s flowing smoothly along, then whamo you find out...Your spouse has been cheating on you, or you get laid off from work, or someone wants you do something completely out of character for you.

These life challenges are going to confront your self esteem level. That voice in your head is going to panic. Your mind is going to be filled with thoughts of anger, pity, shame or regret.

Unfortunately, you might experience what low self esteem really is. And as human beings, we do crazy things when were backed into a corner.

We also find out what we’re made of and just how far we’re willing to go. Even if you have high self esteem you’re still going to experience times in your life when you don’t need to ask the question – what is low self esteem anyway? Because you’ll know.

We all go through low points in our life but what make the most difference is how we come out of it, what we take away from the experience and how we use this knowledge in the future.

If you just stay in that low state of mind for too long it’ll turn into depression . And believe me low self esteem and depression don’t mix.

Ok back to the question – what is low self esteem? Remember this is only my answer.

• Feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy or shame.

• Constantly blaming others because you simple don’t know what else to do.

• Fear of making mistakes.

• Not wanting to try anything different.

• Feeling stuck in a personal rut with no way out.

• Underestimate yourself and what you’re capable of accomplishing.

• Staying in a physically, mentally or verbally abusive relationship because of your fear of being alone.

All the above examples, whether you accept them or not, are a result of having low self esteem.

Now you know what low self esteem is, let’s break the low self esteem chain that’s around your neck.

- Find at least one person to share your feelings, beliefs, regrets and frustrations with. This can be anyone from your family or a therapist. I recommend a therapist because you need to get all this stuff you’re holding onto off your chest. And it’s best if you can say it out loud to a listening ear.

- Go to someplace you’ve never been before. A restaurant. A store. A park. A church. Remember were trying to break through your barriers here. You have to do new and different things.

- Sit down and write out everything you want to be, do and have in your life. I’m taking everything. Do not hold back at all with this self esteem exercise . Let it all come out. Do not sensor yourself because you’ll find out personal things about yourself you never knew.

Alright, do these 3 steps and you’ll never have to ask yourself again – what is low self esteem because now you know. Now you know how to overcome it. How to build your self esteem when going through a setback.

If you really want to feel good about yourself pass this 3 step self esteem exercise onto someone else who you know that is struggling with low self esteem.

For me, I believe that low self esteem is the underlying problem to most if not all of life’s issues. You need a healthy amount of self esteem to go through this life because you’re going to get knocked down and beat up. But now you know what the solution is.

That’s right! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back out there. You only fail in life when you stop trying.

What is low self esteem in its simplest form?

The act of truly giving up. Not trying anymore. Not believing in yourself and your ability to build a great and exciting life.

You are the creator of your future. Rejoice in your very own personal power!

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